Guerrilla Organics

Food to Fuel the Revolution!

Guerrilla Organics is a Bay Area produce-delivery subscription service that provides Seasonal,  Locally Grown organic produce, supplemented with organic produce from further afield! Our mission is to provide the freshest, best-quality organic food box subscription in the Bay Area, at an accessible price. We deliver to San Francisco, Berkeley, Pacifica, and Oakland.


Info & Pricing


The Standard Box contains Seasonal, Locally Grown organic produce, supplemented with organic produce from further afield. A wonderful medley of root and green vegetables, local in-season and tropical fruit, hearty greens, tasty salad makings, and flavorful herbs. It has the widest variety of vegetables, and is our best value!

All orders are by subscription: You will receive weekly or bi-weekly delivery of your selected number of boxes.  At the end of each billing period, your subscription will automatically renew, unless you cancel your subscription by the last delivery in your billing period. 

You have one month to try the service at no risk: If you cancel within this time we will refund your money for any undelivered boxes. After that there are no refunds. If you suddenly decide to move, and have a number of undelivered boxes you may either have them delivered to a local food bank, or to a friend or neighbor.

4 Boxes:
Weekly Delivery - $120 per month
Bi-Weekly Delivery  •  $120 every 2 months.

8 Boxes:
Weekly Delivery - $228 every 2 months. (%5 Discount)
Bi-Weekly Delivery - $228 every 4 months. (%5 Discount)

16 Boxes
Weekly Delivery - $446 every 4 months. (%7 Discount)
Bi-Weekly Delivery - $446 every 8 months. (%7 Discount)

24 Boxes
Weekly Delivery - $648 every 8 months.
Bi-Weekly Delivery - $648 every 16 months.

52 Boxes
Weekly Delivery - $1326 yearly. (OUR BEST VALUE: %15 Discount)

Special Delivery Options

The 6 Box and 12 Box Custom Options offer you a bit more control over your delivery dates.  With the 6 Box order, you will receive 6 boxes over 8 weeks, and you can select which 2 weeks to withhold delivery.  With the 12 Box order, you will receive 12 boxes over 16 weeks, and you can select which 4 weeks to withhold delivery.  There is no discount available for custom orders.

6 Boxes / 8 Weeks - $180 every 8 weeks.

12 Boxes / 16 Weeks - $360 every 16 weeks.