Guerrilla Organics

Food to Fuel the Revolution!

Guerrilla Organics is a Bay Area produce-delivery subscription service that provides Seasonal,  Locally Grown organic produce, supplemented with organic produce from further afield! Our mission is to provide the freshest, best-quality organic food box subscription in the Bay Area, at an accessible price. We deliver to San Francisco, Berkeley, Pacifica, and Oakland.


Our Produce Boxes are composed with an artist's intuition and herbalist's sensibility. Your food is sourced and delivered with care. We offer multiple Box Options, as well as a variety of Delivery Subscription schedules.


The Standard Box contains Seasonal, Locally Grown organic produce, supplemented with organic produce from further afield. A wonderful medley of root and green vegetables, local in-season and tropical fruit, hearty greens, tasty salad makings, and flavorful herbs.  The Standard Box will provide 2 - 4 people with produce for a whole week.


Ripe, delicious locally sourced and tropical organic fruits. Whether you juice your fruit, or enjoy it precisely as Nature grew it, having a variety of fruit delivered to your door will brighten up any meal!


The Raw Box contains only items which can be juiced or eaten without cooking. Celery, apples, and parsley would be included, but items like potatoes, eggplant, and squash would not. The same variety and quality as the Standard Box makes our Raw Box a tasty choice for Raw Foodies.


For the Local-Food enthusiast: the Local Box contains only local produce from your Bay Area Organic Farmers: the same high-quality selections as the Standard Box, sourced without imports or out-of-season items. Support our local farmers, and eat healthy.

For special arrangements and questions, visit our FAQ
or call Customer Service at (510) 435-1831.