Guerrilla Organics

Food to Fuel the Revolution!

Guerrilla Organics is a Bay Area produce-delivery subscription service that provides Seasonal,  Locally Grown organic produce, supplemented with organic produce from further afield! Our mission is to provide the freshest, best-quality organic food box subscription in the Bay Area, at an accessible price. We deliver to San Francisco, Berkeley, Pacifica, and Oakland.

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Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!
We love to recycle! Please leave your empty boxes out on your next delivery day; we will pick them up and re-use them.
*If you have extreme dietary restrictions there may be a small surcharge.
Produce Preferences
We will do our best to bring you more of what you like and less of don't. Please be specific. (In other words, "No potatoes" is great, "No root vegetables" is not.